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Postby ProudofPride » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:13 pm

HUSID74 wrote:If you haven't noticed, college sports is an ARMS RACE and the race is fueled by money...if we want to be a perennial mid-major powerhouse like you all seem to want it takes more of a commitment from the University, alumni, fans, community, businesses, etc....Just not happening to the degree it should across the board...we could get into lots of things; the scoreboard, arena improvements, the WAY we travel, recruiting budgets, marketing of the program, scheduling (lack of quality home games for example)...I could go on.

Someone mentioned COA, cost of Hofstra providing this assistance to the basketball programs???? We know that other CAA schools are.

I mentioned it in the W&M game thread, because their new AD announced during that game that W&M will be providing COA for MBB and WBB. I didn't think we offered it since there was never an announcement like every other school had, but someone responded saying we do offer it.
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Re: Game 15 - JMU

Postby ProudofPride » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:17 pm

Cards wrote: As far as I know (based on this board) is that he is the highest paid MBB coach in the CAA. In some cases, his salary is way beyond the pay of other MBB CAA coaches.

Also need to factor in the area, it's the highest cost of living of all CAA schools. Maybe it's higher or about the same for Northeastern's area, but I know Bill Coen is also compensated pretty well.
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Re: Game 15 - JMU

Postby triplec2195 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:41 am

A lot of resourceful information. You guys have been down this road before. It appears to me that the Administration here is content with running a "competitive" program but is more concerned about staying away from scandals like what rocked us years ago then winning. A lot of lip service paid to the basketball program but more about talking the talk. I wonder how much pressure JM is under to win and recruit clearly he needs to earn his salary and own the success/failures of this program. What's the major compelling reason Speedy is here? Is it love for his alma mater or just basketball or is this some sort of ego trip? All the above or is he going to be the heir to the throne?? I wonder what kind of money he is making? He clearly is a wealthy man. I know having been around the basketball program for lots of years as a fan they took plenty of chances on work projects over the years who got themselves in trouble in other schools after they went away to big programs. Eric Harvey was a PG here who came out of Malverne but his brother Lionel was the prize recruit who went away to Cincinnati only to transfer back after getting into trouble there. It seems evident after the Taran Buie Jamaal Combs McDaniel etc. scenario that we're not looking to be a rehab program for troubled kids. I don't know what the current monetary figures are for schools making it into the NCAA'S but this is very lucrative for the schools that can get in. This is part of the reason that everyone goes for the carrot that's dangling out there. Along with school recognition,recruiting etc. It's a very positive revolving door getting to the dance!
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Re: Game 15 - JMU

Postby Polito » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:03 pm

I have no problem whatsoever with the HC of mens hoops hauling in 500-650k per year. That's what it SHOULD be minimum if HU wants it to be the flagship that wins championships and goes dancing.

But see the requirement there is that the HC is then actually expected to WIN. You don't get the $ without the results. Not personal, just business.

I have never ever EVER in my life had 5 years to prove myself ANYWHERE, and neither have any of you. That's nutty.

In real life you get 6 months, or less - and you either get your job done, or you will be looking for another one. Corporate IT, business ownership, it's all the same. You have expectations to meet and a limited/finite time to do so - prove your ability, or you will be out on your ass. THAT'S how real business works for us all.

Holding any D1 HC to high expectations within a time limit for that kind of salary is absolutely more than fair. In ANY field, when you meet or exceed your expectations, you will likely get rewarded with more $ and a longer career/operation. When you don't, it's 'thanks for your service, but we are moving in a different direction.' End of story.

That's how business works, and this is a business. If anyone doesn't like it or agree with it, then I suggest finding a new path in life. Or move to Mars and create your own society with new life rules in bizarro world. :lol:
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Re: Game 15 - JMU

Postby stuball888 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:08 pm

I think 5 years is the norm and should be. At year five its all the coaches players and its his or hers team. JAM got the bump in salary for stabilizing the program. I have no problem with that. Also the fact that he gets 430K or so is right in line with the cost of living on Long Island. But NOW is the time to produce some results.
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