Seth Tierney!!! 3 More Years Baby!!!

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Seth Tierney!!! 3 More Years Baby!!!

Postby Polito » Fri May 05, 2017 1:29 am

Helluva coach folks. Helluva staff. One can only wonder if he'll stay longer, but at the very least, we will all have the benefit of seeing ST & Co. cement that reputation with real gusto for at least the next 1095 days! Remember these times everyone, truly a special kind of special.

Really got me thinking tonight, I wonder if he's got enough left in the tank to finish this complete destruction of the program out strong with 9 straight years? What say you all, Over / Under on that??

Hey, who's down for the NCAA Quarters?? Ain't nothing like seeing real, winning when it matters programs pack your stands, and sh!t all over your home field to remind you up close and personal just how far from true relevance you really are.

Side Note: I gotta give Ryan credit. Kid is a real talent, and I need to state that, as I was very skeptical and hard on his expectations. He fulfilled them, and then some IMO. Kudos to the young man on his well-earned and well-deserved first year honor. Superior addition to the program. Sadly, it will of course be all for not.

Love his strong family loyalty. Great quality, and great thing to see. Admire him sticking with his dad, knowing his career will surely be filled with plenty of individual accolades, but north of highly likely to be completely tourney-less.
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